Welcome New Players!

As we have seen a number of new players join TOP, this month's newsletter is dedicated to our recent additions to the TOP community. If you started playing here recently, please accept a hearty welcome from our long-time players, not-so-long-time players and volunteers who ensure the tourney occurs night after night! TOP has a legacy and culture that has made it one of the most successful hearts tournaments you will find anywhere. The large numbers that turn out regularly are one of the reasons our games are fun, and the more the merrier! Please feel free to use this newsletter to tell your friends about our tourney, and we shall welcome them, too.

This Is Your TOP

TOP is the Tournament of Players. This name itself indicates the overall purpose this tournament exists.... for the people who love to play hearts! It is for the enjoyment of the game that we hold this tourney. We play the traditional form of hearts - in fact, this is the only traditional hearts tourney held on Hardwood Hearts! A lot of our regulars love a good game of low man, and we provide it here in a tournament format. Competitive Fun TOP is formatted as a tournament. We play a first round to 150 points, and the host determines how many will advance to the semifinal round. The semifinal and final rounds are to 100 points and are often very competitive contests. Many of the best competitive matches are low man contests with several changes in who is low and who is high. However, TOP is also a fun social gathering, and we strive to ensure that this tourney is a fun place to play. Rather than being a contradiction, we believe "competitive" and "fun" should co-exist and describe the TOP culture. Rules We have a set of rules that determine how the tournament will be played. All players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these rules when they come to our tournament to play. These rules are not intended to limit our fun, but rather we believe they help to ensure that this site is as fun as possible, allowing the host to be able to handle most situations quickly. We also have rules that comply with our arrangement to play on Silver Creek Entertainment's site as well as some basic expectations of conduct, including no name calling, leaving the game intentionally, or antagonizing other players. The host has the final say when it comes to rule enforcement during tourney play. I've been warned! If you have been warned or even silenced by the host, this is not a personal attack. It is possible that you have inadvertently violated a rule pertaining to conduct, and this can be a learning experience. It is also possible the host felt the need to take back control of a situation to allow the tourney to continue, and you were only peripherally involved. If you feel the host was out of line, then you can appeal to 1TOPStaff ( Troy ) at toptourney@toptourney.org.